Toilet Cleaner

Introducing "RANJAN" a toilet cleaner with advance formula which gives you a complete clean toilet from rim to u-bend. It is special thick formulated liquid which removes the most stubborn stains effortlessly. RANJAN toilet cleaner can be used for both Indian as well as western style toilets .

Ranjan Toilet Cleaner is specially designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, Hotels, Schools and all institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance.


  • Fast and thorough removal of lime scale, stains and other residues
  • Extended contact time on vertical/sloped surfaces for maximum cleaning efficiency owing to high viscosity.
  • Suitable for use on intact porcelain and glazed sanitary installations
  • Angled neck squeezable bottle for fast and easy application
  • Fresh fragrance for pleasant use


  • Press sides of cap and twist anticlockwise to open the lock.
  • Squeeze liquid around the bowl & under the rim
  • Brush lightly on stubborn stains
  • Leave for 15 to 20 min.
  • Flush for sparkling clean & fresh toilets
  • Sparkly clean toilet