Detergent Cake

Active RANJAN Detergent Cake enables consumers to perform laundry chores, giving “Great Clean” within less effort.

The new revolutionary Active RANJAN gives consumers less elbow effort in their daily laundry thereby enabling them to enjoy some moments of leisure. With Active RANJAN, consumers are able to balance their role of being an efficient & duty full housewife as well as a ‘Smart Homemaker’, who manages her family budgets with ease by exploring her limited resources with unlimited resourcefulness.

With our 35 years expert experience, our company has offered diverse range of products & we specialize in White Detergent Cake .

We still keep our efforts on developing White detergents which are incorporated with latest technologies & raw materials to fulfill the high expectations of our customers, with continuously improving our production process Due to its unique formulation, our product offers benefits like less melting in water, better stability, and therefore lasts longer To meet the growing aspirations of consumers and to offer them value-chain product portfolio the company has introduced the wide range of detergent cakes .